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This site is made to share learning contents between Mongolia and Japan. Mongolian teachers and Japanese teachers make leaning contents with ThinkBoard, a software, and upload them through this site.
We hope that a large number of contents will help you to study, and that Massive Open Online Courses will soon be built.

Directions for Use


  1. Open this site and login with password.
  2. Choose a teacher's name and click it.
  3. Choose a title and click it. Content download will begin.

(* First, download "ThinkBoard Player" through the "Player DL" page.)


  1. Make lectures with ThinkBoard, and put them on desktop.
  2. Open this site and login by your ID and Password.
  3. Drag and Drop the ThinkBoard File into a box in your 'Mypage'.
  4. You can check the list, and confirm that the files are uploaded.

Sample Content

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