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1. Download a player and install it in a PC.

Please download a player by pushing "Player DL" botton.

2. Login to the site and download the learning contents you want to watch.

Input the password for students, and login.
Choose a learning content and download it.

3. Play the learning content you downloaded.

You can watch the content you downloaded and saved in the PC.


1. Login to the site and move to "My Page".

Login with your ID and the password.
When you click a link of "My Page" or click your name in the table, you can move to "My Page".

2. Operate variously from "Administrator Menu".

  • Upload : To upload the content you made, add it to the list, and make it deliverable.
  • Delite : To delete the content you uploaded in the past.
  • Replace : To replace the content you uploaded in the past.
  • My Profile : To edit your photograph and profile.
  • My page : To come back to "My Page".